Hotel Schöngarten Hotelrundgang

The old town of Lindau is situated on approximately 70 acres of beautiful Lake Constance Isle. Centuries old buildings, historic squares and romantic streets give you an almost mediterranean flair. A very famous landmark is the Harbour entrance with the Bavarian lion and new Lighthouse behind the impressive Lake Constance and Alps panorama.

It is accessible from the hotel in about 20 minutes on foot.
Of course you can also take the car or our city buses on the island.
The "white fleet" (Lake Constance - shipping lines) starts from the famous Lindau harbour to many interesting and attractive destinations or cruises.

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Gästeführungen ganzjährig

Die Gästeführerin für Stadtrundgänge in Lindau freut sich, wenn Sie sie auf einem Rundgang durch die schöne Inselstadt Lindau begleiten darf.

Hotel Schöngarten Hotelrundgang

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