The Art Nouveau villa "beautiful garden" in the limelight .

Family residence, clinic for psychotherapy, staff dormitory, hostel.

In retrospect, it was quite eventful for the Art Nouveau Villa whose name translates to hotel beautiful garden during its hundred years of its history. Maybe, this is the reason that today so many different guests feel very comfortable for individual reasons within these walls.The history of today's hotel "Schoengarten" began to 1902, when it was built by Hans Schnell. At the beginning of the 20th century this architect from Augsburg built not only some important buildings for industry and trades but also a number of different villas in south Bavaria.

historic-hotel-front In the early days the villa was in family property.  In 1921 the "psychotherapy weeks" were founded in Lindau by Dr. Ernst Speer.

The founder of this specialists conference, that still exist today, bought the villa "Schoengarten". He took up residence in Lindau and adopted the region as his home country. Dr. Ernst Speer also founded the first German clinic specialised for psychotherapy exactly here in the Schöngartenstraße 15.  After his death the owners of the villa changed repeatedly. A bit of irony? Among other things the villa was used as an employee house by various Lindauer companies.

Gastronomer Aribert Hochfeld bought  finally the House in 1986 and rebuilt it to today's hotel "Schoengarten".

The art nouveau villa has been in possession of today's host family Elias and Ewa Naim since October 2002. After a comprehensive renovation, the hotel opened as today´s "Hotel Schoengarten" in August 2003.

The development of the building has been continued and a big terrace was added in the same year, the terrasse was rebuilt to a light-flooded winter garden in 2009. All rooms were renovated in 2012 and 2014. Since then, small renovations have been carried out again and again.
With all these measures, family Naim is preserving and developing the family style of the "hotel beautiful garden" as well as the atmosphere of this wonderful art nouveau villa.